Carte Blanche Launches iPhone Apps, Facebook Game

British greetings card and gifting company Carte Blanche Greetings has launched a social branded game based around its Me to You brand, as well as a Me to You card-sender iPhone app, plus an app to promote its Violent Veg brand.  

The Facebook game, developed by Sharkius Games, is free to play and incorporates elements of competition, treasure hunt, harvesting, collaborative construction with friends and gift sending. Players have to find, nurture and love the friends they make.

The apps were developed in conjunction with Infomedia. They sell for £1.79 and will include a free Lite version to allow users to trial the service.

“We have worked extremely closely with both Sharkius Games and Infomedia to ensure that the personalities and characters of our brands are brought to life in these new digital environments in a style that is true to the sentiments of friendship, love and trust that are key to the success and longevity of the brand,” says Carte Blanche marketing manager, Jocasta Kelsey. “It is a very exciting time in our evolution and we are fully embracing the new technologies that exist to take our story to current fans and new audiences across the world in the digital media.”