Cartier launches Snapchat Portal Lens to celebrate Tank Française history

Watch maker Cartier has launched an augmented reality Portal Lens on Snapchat to celebrate the history of its Tank Française watch.

The Portal Lens transports Snapchat users back to 1917, in the middle of Paris, on the Alexandre III bridge, and by moving their smartphone sideways, users can take a tour of Paris and the fashion styles of 1936, 1977 and 2023, including Cartier watches from those periods. The new version of the French Tank appears at the end, and users can try it on by sliding their wrist behind their smartphone.

“Times change, but the elegance remains the same: that’s what we tried to express in an immersive way thanks to our partnership with Snap, which put augmented reality at the service of the discovery of the new Tank Française,” said Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President  and Chief Marketing Officer at Cartier.