Cartoon Network Targets Kids with Rapid Fire App

adventure-time-lady-rainicorn-2-1024x768Recognising that young people are increasingly consuming content on their mobile phones, Cartoon Network has released a new app that aims to be a digital network, featuring streaming bite-sized clips of 10 to 15 seconds.

The Cartoon Network Anything app hosts short clips from the networks most popular shows, including Adventure Time, Regular Show, Gumball and Teen Titans Go, as well as a range of games, polls, quizzes, puzzles and trivia.

By using short clips, the network hopes to use the digital channel to drive viewers back to the core television network, but also develop its digital revenue. At launch, the app has more than 400 individual pieces of content, including video content exclusive to the app, and plans to add more in the weeks ahead.

“This is more focused for that smaller time window – its for a different moment,” said Chris Waldron, vice president of digital at Cartoon Network, in an interview with Variety. “Its very different from the on-demand model. Its more like a linear feed. You dont know whats coming next. We want to make it feel like every time you open it up its something fresh.”