Cascada TAG Makes the Big League

Cascada Mobile has revealed that its TAG Referral Engine is being used by Oasys Mobile, a provider of premium mobile media content, products and services, to add a unique viral component to its mobile games. Oasys Mobile has integrated the TAG Engine into its AROD MVP Skills title as well as the mobile version of the classic Mattel game, Rockem Sockem Robots. The TAG Engine works by enabling consumers to easily refer mobile games to friends and family. It uses advanced business logic to deliver the appropriate application version on to the recipients handset in only a few clicks.  Using the TAG Engine software development kit (SDK), publishers integrate the referral functionality into mobile content such as games, ringtones, and wallpapers. Once a consumer downloads TAG-embedded content, it can be recommended to friends, regardless of the recipients wireless provider or handset type.
The TAG Engine notifies recommendation recipients and automatically determines the compatible application version and download location for the mobile device and operator in question.  TAG uses existing carrier and publisher infrastructure, as well as open standards to ensure the entire referral process, including payment for downloads on accepted referrals, is seamless. 
Rockem Sockem Robots Mobile brings the classic Mattel game to mobile phones. The game provides players with an arsenal of attack moves that are uncomplicated and enable rapid-fire attacks between the classic robots, the Red Rocker and the Blue Bomber.
AROD MVP Skills is based on one of the top players in Major League Baseball, Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, who is known for his swing and defensive play. (Readers in the UK for whom this last sentence might as well have been written in Swedish, join the club Ed). The game is built around comprehensive hitter and pitcher game mechanics, and offers mission objectives and game levels.   
With the TAG Engine embedded into each of these games, mobile subscribers can quickly and easily refer it to others. Users can refer the games by selecting the tell-a-friend menu option, or by taking advantage of the referral prompts on exiting the games.
As a multiplayer, online game, Rockem Sockem  Robots is naturally viral in nature, but referral distribution was a complex proposition to consider without Cascadas technology, says Andy Fox, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Oasys Mobile. We are encouraged by the results we have seen so far, and are now using the TAG Engine to make word of mouth referral part of our distribution strategy for our entire portfolio of content.
For Cascada Mobile, President Neil Closner adds:
A relatively new concept in mobile marketing, referral distribution is rapidly gaining momentum. Oasys recognises that additional revenue can be generated by providing consumers with a fast and easy way to discover content. We simplify this process by making it as easy for consumers to refer mobile content as it is to forward a joke or article of interest to friends by e-mail.