Cascada Unveils TAG Marketer

US company Cascada Mobile  has unveiled Cascada TAG Marketer, an easy to deploy, customisable content delivery portal that enables businesses to maintain an ongoing relationship with consumers through the delivery of branded content and applications to mobile phones. The portal was launched at the DEMOFall 06 Conference, which opened yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego, California. 
Current mobile marketing efforts, says Cascada, are marred by technical and logistical issues that make getting content to end users complicated and cost prohibitive. TAG Marketer streamlines the process of connecting with consumers by cost-effectively enabling marketers to extend overall brand value using the mobile channel.
The portal is designed to offer mobile consumers access to all types of branded content, such as ringtones, images, games, and video in a single application. It can be used to support local or multinational campaigns.
Consumers who opt-in to receive the portal have it delivered directly to their mobile handsets, where desired content can be previewed, downloaded, purchased or referred to others. TAG Marketer and the Cascada TAG Referral engine are already being used by US cable network FX to promote hit shows such as Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me.
With TAG Marketer, all content provided through the portal, and the way in which categories are organised and highlighted, can be updated over the air. This flexibility makes it easy to promote new products and seasonal offerings and to respond quickly to market opportunities. TAG Marketer, says Cascada, helps companies to create mobile marketing campaigns that have long-term, ongoing value. It enables new content to be added as required, ensuring that communications with targeted audiences are not only relevant, but also timely.             
The Cascada TAG Referral Engine, which is embedded into TAG Marketer, plays an integral role in extending the reach of mobile marketing campaigns. Once TAG Marketer is on a consumers handset, the entire application or any individual pieces of content within it can be easily recommended through referral distribution across multiple carrier networks and mobile devices, using the TAG tell-a-friend feature.
The TAG Referral Engine facilitates this referral, and uses advanced business logic to ensure that consumers receive the appropriate version of the recommended content for their phone and operator network, with delivery occurring from a carriers storefront or off-deck.  Consumers simply enter in a friend or family members phone number, and referred recipients are provided with a link to download a device-appropriate version of the application.
TAG Marketer is designed for rapid deployment, and can be cost-effectively customised for content launches. Pricing options vary according to customer requirements, and range from variable pricing based on delivery volumes (CPM or CPC), to flat rate pricing. Addressing another advertiser need, TAG Marketer provides rich analytical feedback capabilities, with end-to-end reporting on campaign progress.  To ensure brand marketers are able to measure and track the success of mobile campaigns, the reporting provides insights into the results achieved from campaigns and the usage habits of consumers.
Marketers can now quickly and cost-effectively extend the reach of traditional and online marketing campaigns to include the growing and increasingly important mobile subscriber audience, says Cascada Mobile President, Neil Closner. Unlike SMS-based campaigns, which offer limited branding opportunities, TAG Marketer enables brand managers and content publishers to easily take advantage of the numerous benefits of mobile marketing. The content and application itself can be referred across peer networks, and since the portal can be easily updated, it also provides for ongoing and relevant interaction between marketers and consumers.

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