Case Studies Please!

I had a great meeting a couple of days back with a technology firm who are working behind the scenes to power some great, high-performing mobile campaigns for brands and retailers. When they told me about some of the results, I was amazed, but more amazed still that they didn’t seem to want any publicity for them.

I assumed it was the age-old problem of getting the client to agree to releasing the figures, which was part of the issue, but the main reason they weren’t shouting about it was because, in their own words: “We don’t like spending loads of money on expensive PR companies.”

The point of sharing this with you is not to denounce PRs, as many a hack is prone to do. We get a lot of stories through the medium of PR, and the site wouldn’t be half the site it is without them. But to anyone reading this who shares a similar view about PR companies, or who just doesnt have the budget to employ one, I’ll say what I told the firm I met a couple of days ago.

We don’t care whether the case study you send us is beautifully polished and sent to us as an HTML email with high-resolution images and embedded video, or whether it’s a few lines of information scribbled on the back of an envelope. It’s the content that counts. So if you are doing great work, and you can get the client’s OK to do so, then please, tell us about it. Just give us the bare facts; we’ll fill in the gaps and turn it into a story.

This industry is in desperate need of good case studies showcasing suvccessful work. If you’ve got one, don’t keep it to yourself.

David Murphy