Case Study: Deezer uses AR lens to engage millennials via Snapchat

Deezer boombox AR Snapchat lensMusic streaming service Deezer has launched its first immersive AR music experience through Snapchat with the help of influencer platform Fanbytes.

Snapchat-dedicated influencer platform Fanbytes created a Deezer-branded AR ‘boombox’ lens that can ‘dance’ to the beat of any song the user is playing. This lens was distributed through Fanbytes’ influencer network for 24 hours and encouraged users to scan a custom code to unlock the lens for their own profile.

“Interacting with music fans through social media is incredibly important to us, combining user’s favourite songs with fun AR content to bring them closer to the overall Deezer experience,” said Bianca Spada, global head of social media at Deezer. “The campaign with Fanbytes beat all of our expectations in such a short amount of time and we continue to look for innovative ways to engage with millennials in 2018 and beyond.”

The boombox lens was viewed more than 1m times within the 24-hour period, with the Snapcode scanned or deep link tapped 46,887 times, according to Deezer. This resulted in 11,400 shares of the lens, with over 3,000 videos created around Deezer.

“We know that there is increasing ad blindness amongst the millennial audience, so empowering them to create content willingly around a brand is special to see,” said Tim Armoo, CEO of Fanbytes. “Having over 1m millennials view the lens in action, with 10,000s creating their own lenses and sharing with their friends simultaneously hits brand awareness, engagement and advocacy with one punch.”