Case study: Measuring mobile app performance with Kumulos

Kumulos AnalyticsMeasuring the success of a mobile app can be done in many ways. Of course, success is defined by the specific KPIs being tracked.  Assuming you’ve already defined your KPIs, then measuring mobile app performance is easy with Kumulos. But, if you’re now wondering which KPIs you should be monitoring, that’s ok, here’s Kumulos guide to the 10 mobile app KPI’s you should be tracking.

Bob Lawson, Founder and Director, Kumulos says,

“What we describe Kumulos as, is a system that allows you to manage the technical and commercial aspects of the app. It’s the industry-leading Mobile APM platform because we allow you to manage both the technical and commercial performance of the app.”

This is why thousands of mobile app developers around the globe use Kumulos mobile app performance management platform. Companies like NS804.

Case study – why NS804 use Kumulos

NS804 is Richmond’s fastest growing mobile app development company. They pride themselves on their development skill set and their commitment to produce high-quality apps. Moreover, they pride themselves on their ability to partner with clients, to help develop and grow their app with proven user acquisition and retention strategies.

Kate Vinnedge, Director of Content, NS804 says,

 “To put it simply, if you’re not analysing an app’s (and competitors’) performance, you’re flying blind – and any ASO efforts will eventually hit a wall.

NS804 use Kumulos Mobile App Performance Management platform services to cover the entire life cycle of their apps.

From app store optimisation (ASO), to analytics & reporting, backend hosting, to crash reporting & API endpoint monitoring and push notifications.

Kumulos features used by NS804

  • App Store Optimisation (ASO)
  • App Analytics & Client Reporting
  • Crash Reporting & API Endpoint Monitoring
  • Push Notifications

App Store Optimisation (ASO)
The mobile marketing team at NS804 love how they can view all of the information about their clients’ apps from the App Store and Google Play Store in one dashboard. In Kumulos, from the ASO tab, you can compare both your App Store and Google Play efforts.

Kate says,

 “This keeps the access of this information in one place, making it easy for developers to keep track of both campaigns – and allows for simple synchronisation, or differentiation, depending on how users on both platforms respond to your ASO campaign implementations.”

Kumulos clients such as NS804 say that one of the best things about Kumulos ASO, is that not only does Kumulos keep track of your keyword rankings, it also helps you figure out how your competitors are doing as well.

Knowing which keywords your competition is ranking for, can help you decide where to focus. Kumulos also keeps track of your app’s user ranking and user reviews, so you never have to leave the Kumulos portal to analyse the entirety of your ASO. In fact, having access to Kumulos mobile marketing automation platform, with app analytics, helps you to create a mobile app post launch plan including push notifications. 

Try Kumulos ASO free for up to 30 days.

App Analytics
According to NS804, this is where things start to get really cool! There’s a lot can be done from the app analytics tab.

  1. Acquisition

Everything you need to keep track of is in here. From daily users to monthly installs and more. From here, you can also look at app retention. The acquisition report is essential for A/B testing – this is where you’ll find out if the change you made (such as switching your app’s icon or swapping a keyword) had a positive or negative impact on your conversion rates. Under acquisition, you’ll also find how your rankings have changed over time, compared to your competitors.

  1. Audience

With Kumulos, it’s easy to see where your users are coming from, as well as breakdowns of which users are using which platform (sorted by version), and which version of your app they are using. Kumulos clients, such as NS804, use this section to help plan acquisition campaigns, and keep track of the OS users are on.

Kate says,

“If a large portion of your users are on older versions of an OS, you’ll want to make sure your updates don’t ruin their UX (such as reducing the compatibility with smaller screen resolutions).”

  1. Engagement

By studying your session distribution chart, you can figure out the best times to send out push notifications.

Kate says,

“We think there are two ways to go about scheduling push notifications: Send notifications on a busy day right before a peak usage time (in order to maximise the number of users in a given span of time). Or, send notifications on slower days to boost retention on low volume days You can always mix and match to get the most from your push notifications”.

For anyone still using Google Analytics for Mobile, if you’re worried about the shut-down in October 2019, find out why users are moving to Kumulos Analytics.  GA users are not being pushed into Firebase afterall.

Try Kumulos Analytics free for up to 30 days.

Client Reporting
The reporting feature in Kumulos helps to keep the conversation flowing and helps mobile app developers, like NS804, have regular calls with their clients about how their app is performing.

The monthly App Summary Report is generated automatically. App agencies can annotate comments and give suggestions on how the app could be improved.

Kate says,

“My favorite Kumulos feature is the report tab. You can generate an interactive PDF based on a range of dates that will provide a breakdown of all the information you’ll need to make strategic decisions for your ASO campaign. We love sending these reports to clients, as the data breakdowns are simple enough for anyone to digest – whether or not they know the theory behind ASO.”

Try Kumulos Reporting free for up to 30 days.

Diagnostics – Crash Reporting & API Endpoint Monitoring
With Kumulos, you can easily see the status and condition of every API your apps rely on. It flags problems before any users are impacted. Kumulos shows API availability, latency and payload so you can proactively deliver a fast and responsive mobile app for your clients.

Kumulos Crash Reporting & API Endpoint Monitoring gives you complete visibility of mobile app performance across the entire technology stack – front-end client-side code as well as the API services the app relies on. Kumulos means you catch problems early, get to the root cause fast and ensure an amazing end-user experience.

Kate says,

“The effects of crashes or app issues on your app’s ASO can quickly spiral out of control. Kumulos helps you keep track by continuously updating this tab every five minutes, so you know as soon as something happens.”

Try Kumulos Crash Reporting & API Endpoint Monitoring free for up to 30 days.

Push Notifications
Under the push tab, you can keep track of who is subscribing to your push notifications. You can also schedule and automate notifications, as well as target specific groups of users, and analyse who’s opening what. 

What’s more, mobile app developers can easily provide their app clients with proximity marketing by accessing both Kumulos’ mobile app performance management platform and Beaconstac’s comprehensive proximity marketing solution.

Kate says,

“The push feature is great as well – not only does Kumulos keep track of all your analytics, it actually provides an actionable service. This is a powerful inclusion in the platform, as it gives you the ability to directly analyse user opening trends, and create a new push campaign based on your analytics, all without ever leaving their service!”

Try Kumulos Push Notifications free for up to 30 days.

Kumulos Video Case Study with NS804
If this has whet your appetite for using Kumulos, why not watch the Kumulos case study video to also learn how Kumulos helps NS804 earn more monthly revenue. 

And, if you’re looking for a mobile app developer in Richmond, don’t hesitate to contact NS804 who’ll be happy to discuss your mobile project.

However, if you’re not in Richmond area, check out Kumulos Guide to the top mobile app development companies in Florida  and top mobile app development companies in California.

About Kumulos
We eat, sleep and breathe mobile apps. Kumulos mobile app performance management platform is trusted by thousands of mobile app developers across the globe.  Kumulos is the system that helps you, and your clients, deliver success from mobile apps. What’s more, we help you deliver recurring revenue services that grow your business!

Kumulos is the most comprehensive mobile app performance management platform for mobile app development agencies with Push Notifications, App Store Optimisation, App Analytics, Crash Reporting & Diagnostics, Document Sharing, Collaboration & Content Editing, all in one place.

Kumulos mobile app analytics was a finalist for Best Mobile Analytics at App Growth Awards 2018, Berlin.

Moreover, our Push Notifications feature has been named a top Push Notifications service by Mobile App Daily, Business of Apps and The Tool.

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