Case Study - Mobile and Web Integration

David Murphy

Client: Walkers Snack Foods

Brand: Walkers Crisps

Agency: Sponge

Walkers_1 ‘Win with Walkers’ is the largest on-pack promotion ever run in the UK and Ireland, with over 600 million packets of crisps being distributed, offering consumers the chance to win one of over 8,700 iPod Minis. During September, Walkers gave away an iPod Mini every five minutes, with one a day on offer during October and November.

To win, consumers text in the unique code printed on each pack, and within 10 minutes, they receive a reply. The replies vary, and include music trivia; previous winners’ details (for authenticity); previous busy/quiet times (to improve the consumer’s chance of winning); and added-value Walkers content. The message database also handles erroneous entries such as incorrect codes or codes that have already been used.

The SMS campaign is being handled by mobile agency Sponge, which has supplied the software application to handle SMS entries, inbound and outbound messaging, the draws, and the processing of winners’ information.

Sponge was appointed by agency, The Big Kick, while a website and web entry has been created and hosted by digital agency, Graphico. SMS and web are fully integrated to display graphs on the website, showing past entries by day, hour and five-minute slots, so that consumers can see the quietest and busiest times in order to improve their chances of winning.

The campaign has been supported by a £1.5 million advertising push, featuring ex-footballer Gary Lineker, and response to it has been excellent, with 5% of the population of Great Britain entering in September.

"These were unique users, not the same people putting in multiple entries" says Sponge Head of Marketing and PR, Lucy Wilkinson, while Debbie Simmons, Chairman of The Big Kick adds:

"Sponge have over-delivered on every aspect of this promotion. They have added value and have been very professional in how they have operated. I thoroughly recommend them."

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