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Case Study - Mobile as a Redemption Channel

David Murphy

Client: Orange

Brand: Orange Wednesdays

Agency: Flytxt

Since the end of the 1990s, Orange has invested a significant amount of marketing spend in associating its brand with the cinema, primarily through advertising and sponsorship. In spring 2004, the company sought to take this association further, with the launch of Orange Wednesdays, a three-year programme, offering Orange customers a 2-for-1 deal on any cinema ticket at any cinema nationwide, each Wednesday.

Orange engaged Flytxt to put together the promotional mechanic, involving the selection, integration and management of point-of-sale (POS) terminals; the specification and development of server and client software; quality assurance and testing of all aspects of the programme; and the development of a logistical rollout strategy.

The work culminated in the national roll-out, on 31 March 2004, of 2,000 mobile voucher redemption terminals, (a.k.a ‘Orange Boxes’), using ActiveMedia's RAPOS (Redemption At Point Of Sale) technology, which were deployed across UK cinemas nationwide.

After the programme had been launched, Flytxt was required to deliver weekly redemption and monthly CRM (Customer Relationship Management) reporting to all participating parties, and to manage the solution end-to-end.

To take advantage of the promotion, Orange customers text the keyword FILM to the shortcode 241. Customers can also take up the offer via WAP or an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. In return, they receive a mobile voucher via SMS, containing a unique code.

When the customer presents the code at the cinema, staff use GRPS technology built in to the Orange Box to communicate with a centralised Flytxt database, in order to validate the code.

Orange Wednesdays has been running successfully for over a year and a half now, giving Orange customers 2-for-1 access to films, while Orange, and the cinema industry, benefit from detailed reporting on voucher requests and redemptions, plus the films, and the cinemas, that the vouchers are redeemed against, enabling all parties to tailor their Orange Wednesdays promotional activity accordingly.