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Case Study - Mobile as a Rich Data Collection Channel

David Murphy

Client: Unilever

Brand: Pot Noodle

Agency: Flytxt

In Summer 2005, Unilever brand Pot Noodle commissioned Flytxt to put together a mobile mechanic offering consumers the chance to win one of one million Pot Noodle horns. In addition, the campaign was also required to generate rich data on participating customers.
Consumers who bought a winning pack had to text in their winning code number, together with their name, house number and postcode, from which Flytxt generated the complete address for the consumer’s confirmation.

Flytxt deployed its Mobile 2 Mail solution, which enables consumers to request catalogues, brochures, forms or product samples via their mobile phone. In addition, it partnered with lifestyle data company Experian to provide analysis, with reference to  MOSAIC demographic data, Touchpoint channel data and survey-based behavioural data for each respondent. Respondents were then analysed by the geography from which they came, and the retailers within those geographic areas.
The profiling information provided the Pot Noodle brand team with valuable information on respondents’ gender, age, marital status, length of residency, income and employment status, as well as more generic profiling types via MOSAIC and Touchpoint. In addition, the brand team was able to see the strongest-performing regions and the predominant supermarkets in those regions. The intelligence gained from the profiling exercise will inform decisions for subsequent campaigns affecting geographic targeting, media selection and ongoing CRM plans, via the Jigsaw consortium, of which Pot Noodle is a part.
Most importantly, the campaign was extremely successful in generating response. At the campaign’s peak in July, with TV support, it generated in the region of 3,000 responses per day, and by mid-October, the database stood at 190,000 names and addresses.