Case study: Oasis launches targeted video marketing campaign with Playable and Emarsys

Oasis, a well-known fashion retailer in the UK, aspired to reach a more personalized customer pool by using auto-play videos imbedded in its email campaigns. To do this, the retailer teamed up with data driven email marketing specialist Playable, and AI marketing platform Emarsys. After executing a responsive video campaign with the aid of Playable and Emarsys, Oasis experienced a jump in both revenue and customer engagement rates.

One specific email campaign resulted in a 175 per cent increase in revenue, compared to the email campaigns that didn’t use responsive videos. Additionally, video-led campaigns executed through the Emarys platform resulted in a 20 per cent rise in click-through rates.

“At Oasis, we know that video is an incredibly popular and important media format amongst our customers thanks to the consistently impressive engagement we’ve seen through the platform. Our challenge was to find a way to introduce it into our email campaigns. We therefore wanted a partner that would enable us to embed and edit video into our email campaigns, and in doing so drive significant shifts in engagement and response” commented Sophia Holland Thomas, digital marketing manager, Oasis.

Holland Thomas continued, “In the past we have used GIFs within emails, which worked relatively well to tell a story, but we were looking to introduce bigger and better movement to our content to tell richer and more consistent stories, which is where Playable came in. They say that if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million, and Playable enables us to quickly and easily configure our video content to embed edited highlights into our emails. The Emarsys platform then provides the intelligence to ensure our content is delivered to the right people at the right time, and in the right format, to generate positive interactions and drive interest in our brand.”

As part of the new targeted video marketing campaign, Oasis partnered with Frankie Bridge from The Saturdays to create a short-form teaser trailer, which gave clues to the reveal of a new brand ambassador. Using Frankie Bridge’s content and Emarys’ platform, Oasis received an overwhelming number of sign-ups waiting for the full video debut.

“Videos are capturing consumer attention like never before and video marketing is becoming an increasingly important vehicle for companies looking to engage with a millennial audience, where they can enhance their outreach and revenues. With Playable, you can easily evolve your email marketing to include auto-play video and enjoy the benefits of increased engagement and response,” said David Bradbury, SVP Strategy at Playable.

“This is an example of where a technology partnership is helping a brand win in a challenging trading environment. Personalisation is a smart way to create cut-through and a mechanism to secure recipients’ consideration of marketing communications. We’re delighted to be able to help Oasis bring innovation into its campaign execution, through strategic and tactical recommendations from Emarsys’ AI-enabled platform, and further enhance the customer’s overall experience,” said Dave Littlechild, global head of partners and alliances at Emarsys.