Case Study: Pandora looks to Templafy for digital content consistency

In an effort to increase consistency in its use of on-brand digital materials, contemporary jewelry retailer Pandora has hired Templafy, a platform that organizes and distributes custom templates for brands. Pandora, which has over 22,300 employees across 100 countries, was concerned about the way its on-brand presentations, documents, and emails was varying in content and design throughout all countries and on all devices.

Templafy’s cloud-born SaaS platform can be integrated into almost any Mac or PC document management system, including iManage, SharePoint, Salesforce, Google G Suite, and Office 365. In Pandora’s case, Templafy created a slide library in which employees in all locations had direct access to and could add or edit on-brand slides. Using an administration interface, Pandora admins could also instantly share preferred content with all employees.

The use of Templafy’s software is said to have provided an increase in brand identity and helped maintain brand integrity and consistency, resulting in stronger brand ambassadors for Pandora.

“Templafy has solved this branding problem,” says Kristian Lysgaard, director of corporate communications at Pandora, “Employees now know that they are always using the latest version of the templates and everything is completely integrated into the office package. This has been a huge advantage. And our administrators now have a user-friendly admin interface where we can instantly add and edit content globally. This is pretty amazing.

“The greatest overall benefit of Templafy is that it’s easy for Pandora’s employees to use and everyone completely trusts that everything is in line with our brand and contains the correct information. This is essential for making the employees want to use the solution,” said Lysgaard.