Case Study: Sky Sports and Ooyala

Tyrone Stewart

Sky goals

Sky Sports has to deliver hundreds of Premier League in-game clips and highlight packages to more than 40 international licensee partners.

To achieve this, it joined forces with Ooyala, a US-based subsidiary of Telstra, earlier this year in a bid to simplify its international distribution.

Through Ooyala Flex, highlights of games are available for download and redistribution for all of Sky Sports’ licensee partners, within minutes of the event occurring live.

Rags Gupta, Ooyala’s general manager of EMEA, said: “Today, TV whether online or linear, and especially for sports, is in a constant state of immediacy, requiring broadcasters and publishers to rethink very foundational systems and processes that have worked for decades.”

The media logistics solution work in tandem with Sky Sports’ production team. The team is responsible for creating the clip, inputting metadata and transferring the file to their cloud storage system. Once there, Flex detects the clip and transforms it into 20 different renditions. Flex then uses these renditions to create a number of unique packages based on the preferences of each partner. The same process is repeated every time the Sky Sports production team uploads a new clip.

Head of Sky Sports’ in-house production Phil Marshall said: “Ooyala Flex gives us the confidence, and frankly, the capability to meet the Premier League’s requirements.”

“There’s no question that automation has a significant role in video production today. Using Ooyala Flex, we’re able to meet the complex demands associated with this project.”

Ooyala suggests that the move has freed up some of Sky Sports’ resources and allows them to focus on producing more content.