Case study: The impact of omnichannel on eCommerce ROI

It is no secret that eCommerce has boomed in the last 18 months. But what is perhaps less well known is the dominance of mobile in the online buying journey. Recent research has found that 84.5 per cent of people make at least one purchase per month on their mobile phone. Additionally, Harvard Business Review reported (even back in 2017!) that 73 per cent of customers use multiple channels during their shopping journey.

Clearly, creating a seamless experience for your customers across different sales channels is now crucial as they flit between apps, websites, marketplaces, social, and bricks and mortar stores.

Ventis, an online marketplace for fashion, food, homeware and experiences selling more than 40,000 products from more than 1,000 brands, saw the need to expand its presence to include more than just its website.

Antonio Negro, the brand’s eCommerce and Retail Director, understood that selling through more channels could improve reach, customer experience and loyalty as it becomes easier to buy through the Ventis app. “We knew that an app experience would be superior in terms of ease of purchase. In addition, having an app could contribute to Ventis’ share of screen on the device – being present when the user turns on or unlocks the mobile – which undoubtedly helps to achieve the top of mind desired by every brand.”

Working with its parent company, Making Science, Ventis developed and launched a new app. But the brand was faced with the challenge of being able to drive organic traffic to the app – something that is much easier with a website. Through deep-linking, Making Science could direct new and existing audiences through to the products most relevant to each potential customer.

The results from its app are impressive. Sales through the app are higher than those through the web. Conversion rates are five times higher on the app compared to its website. And finally, average purchase values are higher on the app.

For Negro, the impact of having greater diversification in Ventis’ sales channels is clear: “It is true that an app requires an additional development and investment effort but it offers our customers a better experience. We have much more control over what they interact with and have seen loyalty increase, and ROI multiply, as a result.”

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