Cashflows Launch Smartphone API

Business payments solutions provider CashFlows has launched the CashFlows Smartphone API, which enables app developers to embed CashFlows credit or debit card payment capabilities directly into their apps. The platform includes VoicePay integration, which enables consumers to authorise a payment using just their unique voice signature.

“Mobile transactions are the future of payments; not only will mobile payments greatly reduce the transaction time, but they will also improve the customer experience,” says Nick Ogden, Chairman and CEO of CashFlows. “The CashFlows Smart Phone API brings a simplified and superior mobile payments platform to developers building m-commerce apps. It’s a mutually beneficial situation for both end-customers who receive a heightened user experience, and developers who have access to a reliable and easy to use API.”

The API enables developers to add mCommerce revenue opportunities to brochureware apps, and earn commission, from the charge levied per transaction.