Cashlog Adds HTML5 Support

Cashlog, the carrier–billing mPayments service from Buongiorno, has added support for mobile HTML5 in-app purchases. The service is currently available in Italy, Spain and Germany, and offers merchants a cross-platform solution for single acquisitions or subscriptions allowing a one-click purchase from smartphones.

No credit card, login or other personal information is needed, and the transaction takes place in a carrier-grade safe environment.

“The growth of mobile commerce makes mobile payments the next big thing, replacing cash and credit cards transactions” says Guido Mangiagalli, head of Cashlog. “In 2011, some 39 per cent of items purchased on mobile were paid directly to mobile phone bills. Cashlog, thanks to its HTML5 upgrade, is making this experience almost flawless, and merchants can get higher conversion rates”.

Cashlog is poised to meet the huge rise in mobile payments transactions from $240bn (£156bn) in 2010 to $670bn by 2015, as well as mCommerce growth, expected to rise 4,800 per cent, reaching $119bn in 2015.