Catch Media launches Air Load

Catch Media has launched Air Load, which offers brands a way to target consumers and send them relevant content and promotional campaigns across any connected iOS, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or Tablet, in any location, based on their profile.

Using Air Load, brands can offer content across a range of devices, without the need to pre-install the various content elements onto the device before it has been sold in-store. AirLoad’s hyper-profiling capabilities enable partner companies to save costs by removing the complexities in the supply chain such as pre-load costs and long lead times, while also allowing the partner to terminate ineffective campaigns immediately.

AirLoad uses Catch Media’s ‘Play Anywhere’ technology to distribute content, delivering personalized promotions with what Catch Media describes as: “a level of granularity never seen by the industry before”. The system can deliver different, multi-tiered content bundles to devices and run as many unique promotions as desired – while differentiating between specific device model numbers, manufacturers, operating systems and locations.

Air Load segmentation can include definition by an associated sale, service tier or affinity group.  This allows the partner to provide specific content only to devices sold with another product, such as accessories, insurance or carrier service.

For content providers and distribution partners, says Catch Media, Play Anywhere offers a sustainable vehicle for monetizing content on an ongoing basis, and for delivering content users actually want, while building analytics and insight into consumers, and delivering hyper-personalized promotions based on an individual’s needs.

“With Air Load, you get a better way to engage consumers with a personalized marketing channel for connected devices,” says Catch Media CEO, Yaacov Ben-Yaacov. “Our customizable campaign tool offers super-relevant personalization and removes the complexity, costs and time associated with pre-loading cell phones with digital content before they are sold to consumers.”