Data Privacy

What will Googles focus on privacy preservation mean for the industry?

Google confirmed that it would not be replacing third-party cookies with other means of tracking users as they browse the web on Chrome

Data Privacy

Apple targeted with two EU data privacy complaints over tracking tool

The IDFA enables advertisers to track users via unique device ID numbers for better ad targeting. However, NOYB argues that, because tracking codes are placed on devices without consent, they are in breach of EU law

Data Privacy

More than two-thirds of ICO fines issued since January 2019 havent been paid

Of 21 fines handed out between January 2019 and August 2020, just nine have been collected by the ICO

Data Privacy

Marriott slapped with £18.4m ICO fine for data breach

A cyber-attack on Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide in 2014 is estimated by Marriott to have left the records of 339m worldwide guests vulnerable

Data Privacy

Ad industry comes together for responsible addressable media

A group of the world’s most prominent advertising trade associations and major companies from across the advertising industry, such as Ford, Unilever, NBC Universal, and Adobe, have joined forces to protect customisation and analytics, safeguard privacy, and improve customer experience within digital media and advertising

Data Privacy

Google says it wont use Fitbit data, as it seeks EU acquisition approval

Google has decided to promise not to use Fitbit’s health data for targeted advertising in a bid to convince EU regulators that their antitrust concerns are misplaced

Data Privacy

Report: Majority of consumers dont want to use products that require personal data

Majority of consumers dont want to use products that require personal data

Data Privacy

California Consumer Privacy Act tightens privacy laws in the state

An explanation of the California Consumer Privacy Act, which came into force in California on 1 January 2020

Data Privacy

More than 40 per cent of ICO fines havent been paid

Since 2015, 42 per cent of the total fine amount handed out by the ICO hasnt been paid

Data Privacy

Most web users want the web to be more privacy-oriented

82 per cent of web users would like it if the web was more ‘privacy-oriented’, according to research from Brave Software

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