Cbeebies Unveils Storytime App to Aid Childrens Reading

cbeebiesThe BBC has launched Cbeebies Storytime, a free app designed to help young readers develop their skills and learn alongside their favourite characters.

The app, available for both iOS and Android devices, aims to create enjoyable reading experiences for children, as well as their parents and carers. It is designed to engage children in reading and storytelling, improving their reading and listening skills and encouraging family learning.

The app includes six story books featuring characters from popular shows such as Something Special, Octonauts and Charlie And Lola. The stories are designed to help support early years reading, with interactive elements to touch, swipe and play with throughout each book, as well as recall questions to help develop comprehension skills.

The app includes both Read to Me and Read by Myself modes, as well as a dedicated Grown Ups section with tips on how to support childrens reading development. It builds on the success of the CBeebies Playtime app, which has been downloaded nearly 3m times since its launch in August 2013.

“CBeebies Storytime is an app for grown-ups and little ones alike,” said Kay Benbow, controller of CBeebies. “Adults can feel safe in the knowledge that their child is using an app that is free to download, free from any advertisements or in-app purchases and features a parental lock to help keep little fingers safe; while kids are free to read, explore and enjoy a fun learning experience with their favourite CBeebies characters.”