CBS Outdoor Hands NFC Poster Task to Proxama

Outdoor advertising firm, CBS Outdoor, has selected Proxama, which provides mobile commerce, loyalty and payment solutions, as its Near Field Communication (NFC) technology partner.

CBS Outdoor will be using Proxama’s TapPoint platform for campaign content management and reporting for its entire outdoor media estate. By the end of 2014, CBS Outdoor will have NFC-enabled over 5,000 media assets on the London Underground and 2,000 assets on UK National Rail.

Additional rollouts will also be undertaken across Europe by the end of 2014, with 30 shopping malls in Italy, 1,000 media assets at train stations in the Netherlands, and a selection of shopping malls in Ireland.

The partnership will enable consumers to tap their smart devices on outdoor advertising to engage with brands in a variety of ways, including content downloads, competitions and direct links to mCommerce sites to buy goods and services. Proxama will be paid on a Cost-per-tap (CPT) model, as well as campaign set-up fees and reporting analytics.

In September of this year Proxama worked with CBS Outdoor on the launch of digital pods at the Westfield shopping centre, which enabled consumers to download content by tapping their smartphones on the pod.

“The media landscape is rapidly evolving in response to increased developments in technology and consumer uptake of smart devices,” said Federica Bonato-Hayes, head of interactive solutions at CBS Outdoor. “In response, outdoor advertising, along with most other media channels, is reassessing its role in the media mix. Traditionally, outdoor advertising is known for its ability to build rapid brand awareness, reach a mass audience and deliver significant impact. Technology has transformed the way the medium can be used by brands. In short, interactivity and NFC present a significant opportunity for advertisers to engage with audiences.”