Ceders launches ‘January, it’s anything but dry’ campaign on TV and digital

Alcohol-free drinks brand Ceders has launched a campaign titled ‘January, it’s anything but dry’, encouraging people to embrace January to the fullest, start the year in the right spirit and make the most of every moment. The campaign features two friends enjoying a day hanging out on deckchairs on a sunny beach. As the camera slowly pans out, we realise it’s actually January, but the friends have staged it to feel like a warm summer’s day and are making the most of it with a glass of Ceder’s and tonic. The campaign will run on TV in the Netherlands and through targeted digital campaigns in other markets across the globe, starting with Canada.

Ceder’s non-alcoholic spirits are sugar-free, and have zero calories. They come in four flavours: Ceder’s Classic; Ceder’s Wild’ Ceder’s Crisp; and Ceder’s Pink Rose. The company has also partnered with 1% for the planet to donate 1 per cent of its revenue to environmental causes.

“January is filled with short days, long nights, and cold weather,” said Ceder’s Head of Marketing, Solene Marchand. “It’s so common for this month to be used to restrict the things we enjoy, say no to the things we want to say yes to, and hold ourselves to high standards we can’t always keep. Our ‘January, it’s anything but dry’ campaign aims to inspire us to start the year right, try new things, and add some fun back into the brand-new year.”