Cellebrite in O2 Germany Deployment

Cellebrite, which provides mobile phone synchronization and management systems has deployed its of UME-36 back-up device to around 1,000 Telefónica O2 retail outlets in Germany.

Customers can now transfer their content automatically from one mobile to another in a few minutes in store, using the device, free of charge. The service will also be available for non-O2 customers for a nominal fee. O2 is branding the service ‘My Contacts’.

The UME-36 is a stand-alone phone memory transfer and backup solution that transfers all forms of content, including pictures, videos, ringtones and texts, as well as phonebook contacts data between a wide range of feature phones, smartphones and PDAs. 

“Everyone looks forward to getting a new mobile phone, if it weren’t for the tiresome process of typing in numbers”, says Thorsten Haeser, vice president of sales at Telefónica O2 Germany. “With O2 My Contacts, our customers no longer need to think about it at all, since the data transfer takes place immediately in the shop.”