cellity Ports Communicator to the iPhone and G1

cellity has optimized its free Communicator mobile communication suite for the iPhone. It will enable iPhone users to synchronize and manage contacts from social networks and other sources (Outlook, webmail providers etc.) at one central interface, using the iPhone or the Safari Browser on the Mac.
cellity is also extending its service, with the integration of the Google Android G1 handset. iPhone and G1 users will profit from cellity's growing range of products which aggregate social network messages, and from recently included address sources, such as the evaluation forum, QYPE.
Increasing mobile data volumes require intelligent solutions which concentrate all relevant messages and contacts from the mobile device, social networks and webmail accounts at one central interface – like the address book 2.0., says cellity Founder and CMO, Sarik Weber. iPhone and G1 users can download the new cellity Communicator in the iTunes App Store and Android App Store. The user will always have an updated version of the software, because updates are being made right away.