Cellrox Sings Virtualisation Deal with Columbia University

Cellrox has signed a worldwide exclusive agreement with Columbia University to license mobile technology developed at Columbia that enables corporate IT departments to securely accommodate the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend.

Cellrox notes that the growing popularity of using personal mobile devices to access corporate network data and applications, whether at work or home, creates severe security and management challenges for corporate IT departments.

Using virtualization technology developed at Columbias School of Engineering and Applied Science, Cellrox is addressing the challenges of the BYOD trend by allowing both corporate and personal individual “personas” to co-exist on a single smartphone. Employees have secure access to data and applications necessary for their jobs, while reducing security and compliance risks for corporate networks. This also alleviates the need for employees to carry two smartphones, knowing that their personal data and applications are kept separate.

“Today, most companies face the need to give employees the freedom to choose their own device, but it creates enormous security challenges for IT departments to prevent leaks from these kinds of devices,” says Cellrox CEO, Omer Eiferman. “By creating an impenetrable virtual wall between the employee’s applications and the company’s data and applications, we can provide proactive security and application transparency.”