CellSpin Adds Twitter Support

David Murphy

CellSpin, has announced its support for sending tweets in all four media types (audio, video, pictures and text) to the popular micro-blogging sites Twitter and Pownce. Users can post multimedia tweets using the CellSpin mobile application, now available on over 300 mobile phones worldwide, or by using the CellSpin website. 
CellSpin provides a free, secure, one-click mobile application that allows users to create and publish any media type - audio, video, photos and/or text - to their favorite blogging, social networking and auction sites including MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, Live Journal, Live Spaces, Twitter, Pownce and eBay, with more to come. 
CellSpin makes posting to Twitter and Pownce very easy, and makes it more convenient for users to post multimedia in real-time, says CellSpin Co-founder, Ian Fung. This will definitely broaden the base for micro-blogging beyond those who use it only to describe what they had for lunch.
CellSpin is free to users worldwide, and available from the CellSpin website. CellSpin supports Symbian, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0, Blackberry operating systems, with others to follow soon. You can see a list of supported phones here.