Celltick App Unlocks the Start Screen

Celltick has launched Active Lockscreen, an Android app which enables users to personalise their lockscreen.

Users can directly access a customised start screen, featuring apps, contacts, and functions of their choice, as they unlock their handset. The app also gives advertisers the opportunity to deliver their own content and targeted coupons.

“We launched the Active Lockscreen app because it provides operators and media partners a new, unique real estate to communicate and reach users while offering greater value,” said Celltick CEO Ronen Daniel. “The app not only offers enhanced utility and is fun to use; it also offers exciting value through local savings and deals that are intelligently targeted for their interest. Besides the numerous mobile network operators who have partnered with us, we have also created partnerships with a number of other distribution partners that we will be announcing and rolling out across multiple geographies in the coming months.”