Celltick Goes Direct With Idle Screen Ad Solution

Celltick, which specialises in interactive idle screen mobile media, is expanding its product portfolio to include a Direct to Consumer (D2C) offering. The new solution will give Internet companies, content providers and advertisers a new channel to reach mobile users worldwide and expand their mobile footprint.
The solution broadcasts to Symbian and Open OS mobile phones using point-to-point technology. Using Cellticks existing LiveScreen Media client, content and teaser messages can be streamed across millions of mobile phone idle-screens simultaneously, creating a network of interactive, personal billboards.
The LiveScreen Media client has traditionally been distributed on the SIM and has a reach capacity of over 200 million. This new solution now offers a client that can be virally distributed via SMS and embedded on the phone, maximising Cellticks reach. According to Celltick, the benefit of having the client on the phone is that there is a improved user interface, delivering a better user experience with the use of graphics and icons.
Celltick says that Internet companies and content providers can utilise this mass-reach D2C solution to communicate directly with end consumers and send news, information, content and other rich media. The company notes that the solution has already been proven to encourage content discovery as well as increasing downloads and WAP site traffic. It can also be used for the delivery of highly-targeted and interactive mobile advertising campaigns, just as Cellticks traditional LiveScreen Media platform has been doing for the last 18 months.
In pre-launch tests of the new client in North America 48% of focus group members who received the application interacted with the system over the course of 21 days, generating an average of 10 transactions per clicker.
Celltick says it has introduced the solution to respond to the changing market, with growing sales of Symbian and Smartphones, emerging open operating environments such as Windows Mobile and Google Android, and the growth of WAP usage. He company intends to increase its co-operation with Internet leaders and global media agents to support its D2C proposition and distribute its client.
This product extension presents an opportunity for our partner operators and global internet leaders to capitalize on the booming market of Smartphones and open environments, says Celltick CEO, Stephen Dunford. Our new solution removes the barriers to reaching the end user with a compelling user interface which serves as a proven platform for mobile advertising.