Celltick Partners with Greystripe for Ad-funded Games

Celltick, which specialises in mobile idle screen marketing solutions, has announced a partnership with ad-supported mobile games and applications distributor Greystripe. The tie-up will see the two companies distribute ad-funded games for mobile devices through Cellticks LiveScreen Media platform.
LiveScreen Media broadcasts messages and teasers to the idle screen of mobile handsets, communicating with subscribers in a non-intrusive fashion, and turning the idle screen into a personal billboard through which advertisers and publishers can promote their content and products.
By integrating the LiveScreen Media platform into its existing business, Greystripe says it will be able to increase the advertising opportunities available to its partners, using LiveScreen Medias targeted approach to ensure it communicates the right messages to the right customers. In addition, it will be able to offer its games not only to its existing subscribers but also to all mobile users who have the LiveScreen Media application.
Greystripes AdWRAP technology allows consumers to download free content via a series of ad-funded portals. As a result, it has become an expert in driving mass consumer adoption of mobile games and applications. Game publishers working with Greystripe include Sega, Digital Chocolate, Vivendi Games Mobile and Hands-On Mobile.
We continue to scale our distribution by partnering with leaders in mobile marketing like Celltick in order to provide the broadest reach for our brand advertisers, says Greystripe CEO, Michael Chang. Working with Celltick creates a range of new marketing opportunities for our brands, which will be able to engage with a new user base in an accessible and non-intrusive fashion. Its targeted approach will increase not only the effectiveness of the adverts but also the value to the customers themselves.
Cellticks CEO Stephen Dunford says the deal will enables the company to increase the value it offers to its operator partners and their subscribers by incorporating Greystripes gaming products into the existing range of ad-funded content available through LiveScreen Media.
It also has a strategic value for us as a demonstration of Cellticks role at the heart of the mobile marketing ecosystem, providing a medium through which all the players in the mobile marketing spectrum are able to benefit, says Dunsford.