Celltick Takes on Ukrainian Networks Ads

Network operator MTS Ukraine has signed an agreement to outsource its mobile advertising management to mobile home screen marketing company Celltick

MTS Ukraine has been using Cellticks technology already, to run a mobile marketing and advertising service branded MTS Click directly to its subscriber base. Celltick will now completely manage this service. 

“We are very pleased to see the success that MTS Click has created in the market and are working closely with MTS Ukraine to evolve this service to be a highly engaging experience for its consumers,” says Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick.

Ukraine consists of a wide diversity of different cultures, languages, dialects and social classes, says the company. Cellticks solution allows advertising to be targeted according to geo-location, delivering ads in either Ukrainian or Russian depending on the consumer. 

“The Celltick LiveScreen service delivers relevant mobile marketing and advertising directly to the mobile home screen of our consumers, regardless of handset type, and offers a high degree of interactivity,” says Sergei Samokrik, manager of the new product department at MTS Ukraine. “We wish to address the needs of a growing market of segmented users with services that are in line with their lifestyles, and believe that Celltick provides effective services to achieve our objectives.”