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Cellular Connectivity Coming to Second Apple Watch

Alex Spencer

Apple Watch on wristThe second iteration of the Apple Watch will reportedly come with dedicated cellular connectivity, meaning it can be used independent of the wearers' iPhone.

This addition would make a lot of sense given yesterday's announcement that all Apple Watch apps must be developed with the watchOS 2 SDK, enabling them to operate independent of a paired device via wi-fi connectivity.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is trying to combat the shortcomings with the first model, released almost exactly a year ago. To improve on the original's sluggish performance, the next-generation Watch will have a faster processor, and the mobile connectivity will help overcome its reliance on a paired iPhone. But not all of the Watch's problems can be so easily tackled – namely, "its lack of a defining purpose", as WSJ's Daisuke Wakabayashi puts it.

Over the past year, has Apple sold around 12m Apple Watches, according to Bernstein Research estimates. Recently, sales have been buoyed by a $50 price cut, causing average daily sales to jump 250 per cent, according to figures from Slice Intelligence, but it's still not the kind of world-conquering product we've come to expect from Apple.