Celtra Adds Store Locator to AdCreator

Celtra has added a store locator feature to its AdCreator self-service rich media ad creation platform. While many rich media ads already offer a store locator as one of the calls to action, this is the first time it has been built into a self-service platform. The store locator includes automated geocoding, which converts street addresses into map coordinates, without relying on third-party providers.

“Mobile rich media advertising is perfectly suited for mid-funnel marketing activities and finding a nearby store is one of its most popular and effective features,” said Matevz Klanjsek, Celtra co-founder and chief product officer. “Our data shows that more than 16 per cent of users search for a local store within the ad.”

Advertisers can populate their store locator content by uploading an Excel file. Automated geocoding seamlessly translates addresses into map coordinates and locations can be displayed in map, or list views with a fully customizable user interface that matches the ad. Advertisers can also traffic their ads across a broad list of premium publishers, ad networks, mediators, demand and supply side platforms. The solution also tracks audience engagement with the store locator in real time, using AdCreator Analytics.

Celtras AdCreator platform is used by eight out of the top 10 media agencies as well as the top 25 global ad networks, 35 premium publishers and 10 mobile exchanges, DSP Platforms and ad servers.