Celtra Adds Video Analytics

Rich media mobile advertising tech firm Celtra has added video analytics to its platform to measure interaction with video incorporated into rich media ads.

The new AdCreator video analytics capabilities consolidate video metrics into a single view to give advertisers an accurate understanding of a video’s effectiveness by measuring total video consumption, average video play time and video attention span. Additionally, the video reporting breakdown includes ad placements, mobile devices and mobile platforms, offering advertisers an overview of the performance of video content across the publisher’s entire ecosystem. The analytics platform measures video consumption in one-second increments, rather than the more common currency of quartiles consumed.

Celtra has also released the results of a study looking at over 150 videos used on ads running in Q4 2012. The selected sample included a balanced mix of different video types, including movie trailers, TV commercials and product presentations. In total, the ads were viewed by more than 730,000 people.

80 per cent of the videos were shorter than 1 minute, and 46 per cent were shorter than 30 seconds, with the average video length, 45 seconds. 14.4 per cent of viewers interacted with the ad by playing the video, up 50 per cent compared to Q3. And 48 per cent of viewers watched the entire video, though the average play time was 28 seconds, representing 62 per cent of the total video length.

Most video content had originally been prepared for use in other media (e.g. TV commercials and move trailers). This despite the fact, as chief product officer, Matevz Klanjsek, explained to Mobile Marketing, that the worst performing content is regular TV ads.

“If it’s a premium ad, like something that aired in the SuperBowl, it will work, but if you use a regular TV ad that users have seen millions of times, they are kind of tired of it and they won’t want to watch it again,” said Klanjsek. “So our advice is to use premium content, or better still, produce video content specifically for mobile. There are not many advertisers doing this right now, but some have, and the number is growing.”

Klanjsek also revealed that while the usual suspects – FMCG/CPG, automotive and entertainment  – were big users of video in mobile advertising, finance is also right up there, second only to CPG. Typically, said Klanjsek, financial services companies use video in their mobile ads to walk users through their apps, explaining features and functionality.”

Joao Machado, director of mobile at OMD, believes that advances in mobile video measurement metrics ultimately improve the firm’s ability to educate brands on the value of mobile marketing solutions. He said: “More measurement increases the clients’ comfort level, which means a greater willingness to invest in mobile. Agencies are developing multi-screen video strategies and advances in metrics helps fill a void that may have been a barrier to entry.”