Celtra Launches in Europe

Celtra, which offers a self-service platform for rich media mobile advertising and analytics, has launched in Europe, with offices in the UK and Slovenia, and a partnership with Buongiorno.

The company’s AdCreator platform enables brands and agencies to create rich media mobile ads that can be served into most ad networks and exchanges through integration with the networks’ SDKs. It’s akin to a creative above-the-line or digital agency, producing the creative, while someone else looks after the media buying, but with the analytics thrown in, to optimize the performance of campaigns.

“At a simple level, you might have an image gallery for a car ad with 10 images, but you only have space for five of them, says Celtra general manager, Europe Jonathan Milne, who is spearheading Celtra’s launch into Europe. “With our platform, you can test each one, and then use the images that perform best in different parts of the world in each territory.”

Milne is a 15-year veteran of digital media and SaaS platform technology companies. He has  managed successful operations in Europe for the online video technology company Ooyala and for video platform Maven Networks until its acquisition by Yahoo!

Milne claims that Celtra offers a wider range of ad formats than the ad networks, and says advertisers can be up and running very quickly thanks to a simple, drag-and-drop user interface. There is no charge to use the platform; Celtra makes its money via a revenue share from the media buy.

There’s a video demo of AdCreator in action here.