Celtra Releases Javascript Creative API

Mobile rich media ad firm Celtra has released the first version of its Javascript Creative API for its AdCreator mobile rich media advertising platform. Celtra says its Javascript API enables designers and developers to quickly and easily execute complex rich media advertisements “more autonomously”.

“The Celtra Javascript API gives advertisers and agencies maximum creative flexibility,” said Celtra co-founder and chief product officer, Matevz Klanjseka. “The Celtra Javascript API instantly puts the power of Celtra’s most popular functionality into the hands of our partners who want to be more hands-on in building compelling rich media mobile advertisements.”

Celtra says the Javascript API makes it easier for designers and developers to build “unique ad experiences in fun and innovative ways” using AdCreator. Designers and developers can build custom ads by interacting with AdCreator components and actions directly from their code. The Javascript API enables advertisers to communicate with third party APIs to fetch content such as product information or store locations and then display that content in components like photo galleries or maps.

Adam Soroca, chief product officer at Jumptap, believes that Celtras Javascript API will be “a strong resource for creating dynamic rich media campaigns”. He said: “Jumptaps in-house design team has built some exceptional rich media units by leveraging Celtra, and we look forward to using this technology to take those ads to the next level.”

Celtra’s AdCreator platform is used by 8 out of the top 10 media agencies as well as the top 25 global ad networks, 35 premium publishers and 10 mobile exchanges, DSP Platforms and ad servers.