Celtra Sees Improved Q2 Ad Engagement Figures

Celtra Reveal
Celtras Reveal ad unit is generating healthy exposure and ad engagement figures

Rich media ad tech firm Celtra has released its Q2 Mobile Ad Performance Report. In Q2, most impressions were seen in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry and on smartphone devices. Slightly more impressions ran in in-app environments than on web.

The report found overall improvement across key engagement metrics, including ad expansion rate, ad engagement rate and time spent, which can be attributed to seasonality, better quality of creatives as well as a maturing buying ecosystem with improved targeting.

Celtra’s Reveal format, in which the user sees an animated ‘sneak peek’ of the creative, saw the biggest increase in average exposure time and ad engagement rate amongst all formats compared to the previous quarter. Exposure time of the Reveal format was 12 per cent longer than in Q1 (44 seconds compared to 39 seconds), and its ad engagement rate was 10 per cent higher than in Q1 (2.6 per cent vs. 2.4 per cent).

Compared to Q1, the user-initiated video play rate for display videos was higher in Interscroller and Expandable banner formats than in the previous quarter (24 per cent and 14 per cent, respectively). The highest viewable rate was seen in interstitial format on tablet devices at 83 per cent, while the average viewable rate across all devices was 63 per cent. Viewability is measured in web environments.

The Interscroller format continues to get more exposure on tablet devices. The difference in performance by device was similar to what was observed in the previous quarter, with exposure time on tablet longer at 23 seconds than on smartphone (13 seconds).

Exposure times were longer in in-app environments than on web for all formats. The biggest difference was seen with banners, where in-app exposure time was 37 seconds, while in web browsers it was 28 seconds. Celtra said this is most likely due to the fact that in-app banners ads are not dismissed by scrolling.