Celtra Unveils AdCreator 4

Celtra mikhail
Mikek: “Digital advertising must become more agnostic and integrated”

Celtra has released AdCreator 4, which it says is the industry’s first HTML5 technology developed for mobile, unifying display advertising across all screens.

AdCreator 4 is designed to enable agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders to run “programmatic-friendly” cross-screen campaigns, utilizing a single platform for streamlined ad creation, campaign management and consolidated reporting with common metrics across all screens.

For the first time, with this release of the AdCreator platform, desktop is included in the mix as a device type, with standard and expandable banner formats. AdCreator 4 now also supports Windows for all platforms, on both mobile devices and desktop.

In line with the release of AdCreator 4, Celtra is launching a pilot program with selected media-side partners, Turn, Undertone and Time Inc, who Celtra says will be able to meet the demand for cross-screen campaigns, and contribute to the further development of
desktop ad formats and tracking of HTML5 ads within their product ecosystem.

“It has been very exciting to see mobile rapidly transform the advertising industry and become one of the most influential channels,” said Mihael Mikek, Celtra’s co-founder and CEO. “With consumers using multiple devices at a time, digital advertising must become more agnostic and integrated, allowing advertisers to engage the always connected consumer on all screens, rather than just a specific device.

“We took on the challenge of an increasingly complex eco-system for brand advertising, drawing from our mobile-first mindset, innovation and technology to build AdCreator 4 and introduce the market to what we believe to be the best cross-screen HTML 5 technology for brand advertising.”