Cernium Rolls Out Archerfish

Cernium has announced the official launch of Archerfish, which it claims is the first and only mobile video intelligence (MVI) solution. Archerfish consists of an Archerfish SmartBox, two cameras, cables, and a custom Archerfish Portal, and according to Cernium, gives consumers an innovative yet convenient way to keep an eye on their homes and businesses, no matter where they are physically located.
Using a combination of video cameras, intelligent software and a custom web portal, Archerfish watches businesses and homes for events users define as important, such as kids coming home from school or an unwelcome intruder. If and only when a defined event occurs, Archerfish notifies users with event text and video to their mobile device, email, or custom web portal. 
Archerfish doesnt require users to watch video all day or rely on motion alarms to know whats going on. Instead, it applies industrial-grade technology that allows users to define the events they wish to be informed about and how they wish to be informed.
As we juggle our increasingly complex home and work lives, there is a critical need to know about and manage events that are important to us, no matter where we happen to be, says Cernium President and CEO, Craig Chambers. Archerfish is the next evolution in place-shifting technology, enabling better lifestyle management, enhanced security and greater peace of mind.