CES: Intel Revels Personal Assistant Headset and More Wearable Tech

Alex Spencer

[caption id="attachment_39726" align="alignleft" width="300"]Intel's smart headset, in a wireless charging bowl Intel's smart headset, 'Jarvis', rested in its wireless charging bowl[/caption]

Intel has revealed its Edison platform, a Quark computing chip housed in an SD card form factor with built-in wireless, aimed at wearable technology and M2M applications.

During its CES keynote, the firm showed various reference designs for ways the technology could be used, including smart earbuds which provide the wearer with audio biometric and fitness information as they exercise, charged directly from the microphone jack.

It also showed a hands-free smart headset, nicknamed 'Jarvis', which is an audio-only alternative to Google Glass. The device works as an always-listening personal assistant, similar to Siri, using Intel-developed software, and works in tandem with another design revealed by Intel – a smart wireless charging bowl, using magnetic resonance technology.

Intel also announced retail and fashion partnerships to make wearable technology more appealing to the consumer, with Barneys New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and Opening Ceremony.