ChaCha Launches Drug Abuse Information Campaign

Real-time answers service ChaCha is collaborating for the second time with The Partnership at, a non-profit organisation that helps parents prevent, intervene in and find treatment for drug and alcohol use by children.

The collaboration encompasses mobile advertising, including both text messaging and mobile video advertising (MMS). It also includes content additions to ChaCha’s database, enabling users to get intelligent answers to questions about drugs, medication, alcohol and related topics.

In their last venture together, the companies created one of the biggest public service campaigns in mobile history. Using ChaCha’s mobile advertising platform, targeted text messages were sent to teens and parents based on age and topic to help educate them about the health risks posed by teen medicine abuse. The campaign generated an average response rate of 4 per cent. 

“Both online and via mobile devices, ChaCha has enabled us to reach their targeted audience of teens/young adults, as well as the parents we serve with educational, lifesaving messages about teen substance abuse,” says Hilary Baris, digital media and marketing director for The Partnership at “We were incredibly impressed by ChaCha’s reach, and the level of engagement at which their audience responded to our messages.”