ChaCha Secures Qualcomm Investment

ChaCha, the free, ad-funded, real-time answers service, has closed $3m (£1.9m) of additional funding, including $900,000 of outstanding warrants from new investor Qualcomm Ventures. This extends the round led by Silicon Valley investors VantagePoint Venture Partners and Rho Ventures in October 2010. Since its inception five years ago, ChaCha has raised approximately $75m in investment funding.

ChaCha answers over 3m questions daily, has almost 32m monthly unique users, and has answered over a billion questions since inception. In December, the company clocked up a record of 2m SMS questions in a single day.

“ChaCha is pleased to welcome Qualcomm to its list of top-tier individual and institutional investors,” says CEO Scott Jones. “As one of the world’s leading wireless technology companies, Qualcomm maintains a broad array of partnerships spanning the wireless industry. Their experience and insight into the global wireless ecosystem will help ChaCha continue to expand its service worldwide.”