Chango Adds Cross-Device Audience Targeting via Facebook

Changos Chief Product Officer, Dax Hamman
Changos Chief Product Officer, Dax Hamman

Programmatic advertising company Chango has launched cross-device audience targeting for campaigns, utilising Facebook data to identify consumers across desktop and mobile devices.

Using the exclusive intent data it has at its disposal, Chango identifies the intended audience for advertising programs and uses Facebook data to extend its reach across mobile devices.

By tracking the customer journey across devices, Chango is able to provide clients with rich attribution insights that give marketers the clearest possible view on the impact of their mobile campaigns.

“Facebook mobile data is extremely reliable,” said Dax Hamman, chief product officer at Chango. “Marketers can now be sure that the person they messaged during a visit to their site in the morning is the same person they are messaging on their phone in the afternoon and on their tablet in the evening.”