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Channel 4 Launches Interactive Mobile Video Ads

Tim Maytom

4Od CarouselChannel 4 has introduced a selection of interactive video ad formats (iVOD) for its iOS mobile and tablet apps, making it the first UK broadcaster to offer mobile supported interactive video ads for video on-demand.

The broadcaster has partnered with Innovid to develop a number of different ad formats for its on-demand platform. Ad Link places a range of social media and bespoke clickable links onto pre-roll video, while Ad Extend offers viewers the opportunity to watch an extended version of the ad.

Other formats include Ad Bloom, which provides microsite functionality within video ads, including data capture, and Ad Shop, which features a toolbar of the products shown within the pre-roll video that viewers can click to buy.

Channel 4 will continue to roll out further interactive ad formats to its iVOD suite, as well as expanding the range of platforms that support the interactive video ads. Currently, mobile and tablet viewers account for almost 50 per cent of Channel 4's on-demand viewing.

"We're excited to be the first broadcaster to launch mobile supported interactive ads on 4oD," said David Amodio, digital leader at Channel 4. "As VOD consumption has risen on mobile platforms we have adapted our strategy accordingly – this was a key driver behind our decision to launch Shorts on 4oD this summer. This mobile ad innovation ensures we're delivering our advertising partners maximum engagement with our valuable viewers wherever they're watching."