Channel 4 introduces creepy personalised audio ads to its video-on-demand platform

Tyrone Stewart

Channel 4 Alien Covenant adChannel 4 has announced a new video-on-demand advertising format that will enable brands to incorporate the first names of viewers into their ads.

The ‘world’s first audio personalised TV ads’, developed in partnership with video technology company Innovid, use first party data from All 4’s 15m registered users to target them by ‘talking’ directly to the user.

“The most attention-grabbing word for anyone to hear is without doubt one’s own name, so to be able to offer advertisers the chance to speak directly to our millions of viewers is not just unique, but an immensely powerful marketing tool which adds even more value to All 4’s increasingly personalised experience,” said David Amodio, digital and creative leader at Channel 4.

The launch partners for the personalised campaigns are 20th Century Fox, Foster’s and Ronseal – with the first using the new format to promote the release of Alien Covenant.

Viewers who get to watch the Alien Covenant ad will be told, through their first names, to “run” at the end of the trailer from the aliens. Meanwhile, Foster’s ad will show a pint with the viewer’s name prefixing “this one’s for you”, and Ronseal will try to motivate viewers to get on with their DIY.

Matt Colebourne, managing director of Innovid EMEA, said: “Channel 4 are one of our most innovative partners globally and we look forward to the success of audio personalisation and to the next eye-catching solution we will build together.”

Channel reports that its digital strategy has yielded a consistent revenue growth of 30 per cent in both 2015 and 2016.