Channel 4 to Launch Second-Screen App

Channel 4 is set to launch a second-screen companion app, which will present users with a variety of additional content, both static and interactive, tied to its programming.

With the working title of 4Now, the app will be available in beta to Channel 4’s registered users in July, who will have the chance to provide feedback as part of the apps ongoing development, including choosing its final name. The company intends to launch the full version later this year on iOS, with other platforms being considered.

Channel 4 says it will be working with partners to develop and trial new advertising formats and commercial opportunities for 4Now, including interactive sponsorship opportunities and audio-triggered synchronised advertising.

“Channel 4 has a long history of delivering innovative new technology projects, said Keith Underwood, director of strategy & technology at Channel 4As a centralised product destination, 4Now allows us to enhance our relationship with viewers and enables us to offer them a range of interactive, synchronised experiences for shows which may not have warranted a standalone application. Additionally, it enables us to drive further commercial opportunities for our advertising partners.

The app is part of 4s ongoing Viewer Engagement Strategy initiative, which has also produced its Million Pound Drop play-along app and C4 HorseTracker app, which enabled users to track the position and speed of their horse in The Grand National.