Charities Should Turn to Mobile, says paythru

Charities are missing a trick if they are not using mobile phones to raise funds, according to a new Whitepaper from mobile payments firm paythru.
The first of a series of Whitepapers from paythru, Fundraising issues facing the charity sector, and why the mobile may be able to help advises charities of all sizes to consider how one-on-one communications via Britains 72 million mobile phones can reach new donor groups that span generations and socio-economic groups.
The challenges facing charities raising funds currently are also covered. These include an over-dependence on older donors, who are the traditional source of regular donations; a big donor vacuum, with the large reduction in corporate donations as economic pressures take their toll; and donor fatigue, as more consumerist, individualistic and sceptical donors are harder to persuade.  
The Whitepaper details how mobile fundraising campaigns can address many of these challenges by giving charities access to younger and more diverse groups of donors through one-to-one communications. It also examines how charities can benefit from impulse donations, driven by TV programmes, news stories or web-based information.
According to paythru, the time is right for mobile-based fundraising campaigns. The company notes that 98% of mobile phones sold in the last three years have the capacity to access the Internet, and the cost of doing so has been dramatically reduced by the availability of all you can eat data and voice packages from the networkoperators.
If charities want to reach Generation-M highly active social networkers who are connected 24/7 then mobile is the ideal channel, says paythru Managing Director, Keith Brown. It also addresses many of the issues that fundraisers are facing today and is not only highly flexible but aaffordable.
You can download the Whitepaper via the paythru website.