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Joscha Aricatt, consultant for Spyke Media, explains why the company is betting on new transaction models to drive mobile marketing success

Chatbots. It’s one of the buzzwords in the marketing world right now, and for good reason. If you do not connect Spyke Media with chatbots, I’d encourage you to think again.

We have invested a lot of manpower and budget to establish ourselves as a partner of trust for any company looking to benefit from the effects that chatbots can offer. For us, this is a logical next step to achieving the next level in mobile performance marketing. It’s a topic we’re happy to discuss at Dmexco, taking place in our home town of Cologne.

We’ve been running trials since early 2017 and can offer clients a lot of insight as well as hands-on advice if they seek to explore the opportunities that chatbots offer. It’s remarkably easy to establish an automatic dialogue and it works on many platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, you name it.

Our use cases are showing that messages through chats have an opening rate of 80 per cent and a click rate of 35 per cent. Additionally, with a good flow strategy, we could achieve conversion rates over 10 per cent.

Chatbots are great to establish a meaningful dialogue, filter customer groups and requirements, re-engage clients, answer questions and react to specific needs. They help reduce cost, make customer relationships more efficient and more automated, and allow for the establishment of interesting new target audiences.

While Spyke Media is a great partner when it comes to establishing chatbots for brands and companies, we are also combining this mechanism with our well-established logics of success-based, measurable and customizable performance marketing. Expect nothing less than the next big thing in performance marketing: a new transaction model called CPB.

What’s CPB, I hear you ask? Easy – it’s Cost Per Bot event.

Most people in digital and mobile marketing will be familiar with affiliate and performance marketing, where it’s possible to track events based on a technical procedure – so-called attribution. Basically, this is a communication between servers. Whenever a defined action occurs in the chat, the publisher will receive a postback for the successful advertising on his media.

We are taking this marketing method to the next level, using the new channels to drive customer retention and re-engagement, and to define specific success points and optimise the overall performance of your digital marketing.

If you’d like to see how it may work for you, please do contact us. Maybe even via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp?

Joscha Aricatt is a consultant for Spyke Media