Checklist: Five reasons to monetize your app with an SSP

Daniel Kalinovskij, CEO of Adsgard, explains what are the five main advantages of using the SSP as a primary monetization tool. 

An SSP (Supply-side Platform) is a technology that allows mobile and web publishers to sell their inventory to DSPs (Demand-side Platforms) and ad networks. Supply-side Platforms automate and optimize publishers’ inventory sales, thus helping them fill the available ad spots with ads and obtain revenue.

What is RTB?
Supply-side Platformswork is based on RTB (Real Time Bidding). It is an automated real-time auction where advertising inventories are sold and purchased. RTB shows suitable ads to the right people in the right ad space on the website or mobile app. The bidding process takes a fraction of a second, after which the ads are shown to the users.

In a nutshell, RTB lets you sell the available ad slots while loading the page and showing advertisers’ creatives to users. The auction is automated and takes place with no human interference.

Five advantages of SSPs for publishers…

Full automation
To start monetization, publishers need to add an SSP script to their ad slot and discuss the best monetization strategy for their inventories with their personal account manager. After its launch, publishers can start monetizing their inventory.

Use of RTB
Real-time bidding is the best way to sell all inventory ad slots, including the remnant ones that were not sold directly to advertisers. This allows you to fill all the ad slots and not lose revenue. Thanks to RTB, publishers know how much their inventories cost and can sell them at market prices or to advertisers. In this way, it is possible to fill ad space on every website or mobile app.

High-quality traffic
Top-quality SSPs guarantee their publishers completely secure traffic. The Adsgard SSP, for example, uses two-stage verification for the ads – automatic and manual. The first takes place with the help of Pixalate software; the second stage is conducted by our employees, who provide additional backup to the automated system.

Relevant advertising
SSP algorithms work in a way that allows them to select the most relevant ads for your audience and the subject of your app/website – the ads are shown only to the users who are very likely to be interested in the advertised product. It means that ads do not annoy the users and do not interfere with their experience on the website or app, as the ads are placed in the spots determined by the media owner.

The possibility of setting a minimum bid
Publishers can set the minimum bids for their inventories sold at RTB. This way, advertisers offering low rates are automatically eliminated from the bidding process. Price flexibility allows you to optimize the advertising campaign and reach high fill rates (up to 95 per cent). If you still need to become familiar with the prices for your inventory, account managers are there to help you determine the minimum bid.


  • SSP is the technology that has already covered the absolute majority of deals between publishers and advertisers.

  • SSP allows publishers to sell all ad slots, including remnant inventory that can be monetized via open auctions.

  • SSP adds additional demand to your current advertising capabilities, increasing your eCPM.