Chester Racecourse Goes Cashless with Znap

ZNAP at Twickenham IIChester Racecourse has partnered with MPayMe to become the world’s first cashless racecourse.

From May, visitors will be able to purchase tickets, merchandise, food and drinks by scanning QR codes using MPayMes Znap app. Vendors can also use the platform to push offers to visitors, manage stock levels and send electronic receipts to customers.

Later this year, the racecourse will be introducing the ability to load funds through Znap for placing bets on Betfair and its own gambling service, Chester Bet, along with a separate app for Chester Bet.

A loyalty program will also be launched, enabling visitors to gain points through the app which can then be redeemed for rewards.

“Znap won’t just make paying, booking and ticketing better, it’ll allow us to deliver a personal experience to our customers both inside Chester Racecourse, and critically, outside of the venue,” said Emma Blackmore, commercial director at Chester Racecourse. “The result is a win-win for everyone – customers will be better rewarded, brand partners will see much better take up of offers and we hope to have a happier, more engaged and loyal customer.

“Our ambition is to establish a loyalty programme that serves both the local community and wider region. We’ll be working with our partners and local business to explore new ways Znap can deliver value to their customers.”