Childline Goes Mobile With Zipit App

The charity founded by Esther Rantzen in 1986 has taken a leap into the 21st century with the creation of its first app, aimed at helping young people navigate the murky world of sexting.

The app, designed to help ‘get flirty chat back on track’, gives young people a selection of memes to use as ‘killer comebacks’ when someone asks them to send explicit pictures. Users can download the images to share them or send directly via apps like Whatsapp and Facebook.

It also contains advice for when texts go bad, as well as giving out the familiar Childline number, prompted by several high-profile suicides among young people who have encountered these issues.

Whether young people use them or not, it brings to the fore an issue that is concerning for parents as young people retreat to an often hidden mobile world. Although the campaign might seem a bit of a gimmick, and some of the messages are a bit silly, the use of memes is probably quite appropriate to this audience.

It could also give young people ideas of different ways to handle these situations.